Go Paradise: Go Peace Park Go Corner

Go Paradise
b. around 15 years ago

Go Paradise: Go Peace Park Go Corner

For RMB 3 a month, anyone can become part of the Peace Park Go Corner. Organised by enthusiasts of the game of Go—the most ancient and the most complex board game in the entire world—this Corner is operated with the support of the park. In existence for around 15 years now, this is the most active of all the Go Corners in Shanghai’s parks today.

For this event, we invite 7 Go enthusiasts with at least three years of playing experience, to engage in a group match with the members of the ‘Peace Park Go Corner Team’. The winning team will win RMB 700 and award certificates. The other team will receive RMB 300 as consolation prize.

No. of Participants: 7 players to form the ‘51 Personae Go Team’ (women are especially welcome). Updates will be available on WeChat. There is no limit on the number of observers, and they need not register.

We thank Mr Wang of the Peace Park Go Corner, and those who have rendered assistance on site. 51 Personae will donate 10 Go boards to the Corner, to further the popularisation of the game.



51 Personae presents 51 dramas that feature 51 real-life scenarios, and so it provides 51 stories—though not answers—expanding the possibilities of the 11th Shanghai Biennale: Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counterarguments, and Stories. While arguments and reasoning do not always come up with rhetoric sufficient to accurately reflect one’s contemplation, stories are embedded with uncertainty, diversity, and vitality, as is indicated in the proverb: “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”. From the stories of others, one enters their lives, causing a reflection on one’s own life, and in this sense, the stories of others are linked to ours.

51 Personae engages life, emotions, common sense, nature, history, economics, society, culture, and art, responding to and exceeding our speculations. It takes its chance in the way individuals present their dramas to become mobile power stations.

51 Personae, like the weight of human life on the streets of a city, is ephemeral and enduring.