Soccer Veteran of Lane 449 Da Di (Liu Jie) / Lane 449 Soccer Team

Da Di (Liu Jie) / Lane 449 Soccer Team

Soccer Veteran of Lane 449

b. 1940s / Established in 1986

Soccer has been the major sport in the worker district of Dinghaiqiao, and a significant number of outstanding players for both the Shanghai and National teams were originally nurtured there. In the old days, there wasn’t a boy in Dinghai Road’s Lane 449 who couldn’t play soccer with bare feet. When Liu Jie’s future as a ballet student in Beijing was cut short, he returned to Dinghaiqiao and joined a factory team. He has been teaching soccer, his passion, to generations of boys in this area. This veteran player of Lane 449 soccer team, along with a number of older players in their 60s and 70s, is committed to playing at least twice a week.

The China vs. Qatar 2016 FIFA World Cup Qualification match, being played on home ground, will be broadcast live. Liu Jie and his Lane 449 teammates will provide live commentary during the match in Mandarin and Shanghainese.

  • Number of participants: 200
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  • All soccer enthusiasts are especially welcome.