Master Knife-Sharpener Li Zhonghua

Master Knife-Sharpener
Master Knife-Sharpener: Li Zhonghua

Li learned his knife-sharpening skills and hawker’s cry in Huai’an Village (Anhui Province), before moving to Shanghai 18 years ago. Every morning at 7.30 AM, he sets off from the small lane where he lives in rented quarters, and makes his way through the city’s byways and small neighbourhoods in search of customers who need knives sharpened.

You will follow along with him as he begins his workday at 7.30 AM, travelling through the streets, going to the places he goes to, listening to him as he chants his hawker’s cry, and meeting the people he meets. If you have skills to contribute in the neighbourhoods you ride through, or wares to sell, bring them along.

Number of Participants: 15

Advanced registration and prior participation in WeChat group required.

Note: Please bring your own bike, ride safely, and if you have any knives that need sharpening, you’re welcome to bring those.